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Areas In Which We Work


Defending the inviolability of the rights and guarantees of the accused is fundamental to criminal law. Conducting a technical defense to ensure due process through a fair trial is therefore at the heart of Joyce Roysen Advogados’ vocation. We focus on the business criminal law area and advise clients including businesses, shareholders and managers. We represent our clients
from the advising stage through appeals at the highest courts (Superior Court of Justice and Federal Supreme Court). We represent clients during police investigations, in all kinds of criminal proceedings, at congressional investigations and in criminal law cases.


The role of a lawyer who practices criminal law is not restricted to defense only. There are various situations in which the interests of the victim are also a legitimate demand from society. In these cases, Joyce Roysen Advogados can represent the victim before the police, administrative authorities and the courts.


Joyce Roysen Advogados also offers legal consulting in the business criminal law area to help clients with compliance and support businesses as they make decisions. We also provide guidance to international clients about Brazilian criminal law.


The main focus of Joyce Roysen Advogados’ activity is:


* Tax evasion crimes
* Crimes involving cartels
* Financial crimes
* Money laundering and foreign exchange crimes
* Social security crimes
* Consumer relations crimes
* Intellectual property crimes
* Bankruptcy crimes
* Environmental crimes
* Slander and libel
* Embezzlement and breach of confidentiality
* Crimes committed by electronic means
* Labor relations crimes
* Public health crimes
* Crimes against the government